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Kickbox | Classes | High Point | Greensboro


We offer an extensive class schedule for students to conveniently fit training in their busy schedules.  
We are one of the only Kickboxing programs in the area  to offer classes daily.
Kickbox | Class Format | High Point | Greensboro
  • All classes are taught by one of our Nationally Certified Instructor Black Belts.

  • Each class is structured and planned to ensure enhanced student learning.

  • Warm-up and Stretching to prevent injury.

  • All new students start off slow and work at a comfortable pace.

Kickbox | Training | High Point | Greensboro
Punching / Kicking

Punching and kicking drills are key elements of our adult kickbox lessons. These drills help build upper and lower body strength and stamina. In addition, these active movements help enhance your coordination and improves your motor skills.

Kickbox | Conditioning | High Point | Greensboro
Conditioning / Speed / Agility

Tiger Rock Kickbox training boosts your physical passion with speed and agility drills. These drills are designed to perfect body movement and coordination while improving conditioning levels.

Kickbox | Self Defense | High Point | Greensboro

In an eratic world, you need to have the essential skills necessary to deal with viable threats that you may encounter. Tiger Rock kickbox classes feature realistic self-defense training. You will learn application of important striking, kicking, and blocking techniques to effectively defend yourself.

The program teaches you the skills and tactics necessary to deescalate a physical threat.

Kickbox | Confidence | High Point | Greensboro

Tiger Rock kickbox training helps impart self-discipline and boosts self-confidence. As your training advances and your skill development grows, you will observe certain changes in your lifestyle. You will face daily challenges with more confidence and greater self-efficacy. You will be more focused on your goals. You will be more disciplined in completing tasks.

Kickbox | Training Camp | High Point | Greensboro
Team Training Camps

Our team offers two different camps each year; one in High Point, NC and another in Florida.  World Champion Kickboxers and Coaches gather to run multiple training seminars over 1 -2 days.  These camps are team-building and a great way to drastically improve students learning.  Many relationships are built through these type events.

Kickbox | Rank Promotion | High Point | Greensboro
Graduation Promotions

Graduations (rank promotions) are an important part of our program.  Students are recognized for their growth, performance and learning through the ranking process in Kickboxing. Student rank is recognized through Tiger Rock Martial Arts International.  

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